MiTo Team Paint

MiTo Team Paint 1.3

Simple drawing app for doodling on the move


  • Choice of pen widths
  • Low memory usage


  • No image editing features
  • Only exports to BMP

Not bad

I'm no Picasso, but I do enjoy scribbling the odd work of 'art' on the back of a cigarette packet on the way to work in the morning.

Actually, these days I don't use a cigarette packet as my canvas, but rather my mobile phone, which I find to be a much more workable solution. MiTo Team Paint is one of a number of drawing apps for Pocket PC and offers you the chance to doodle onto your device with your finger or stylus, using the touchscreen.

This utility is very much at the low end of the graphic design app scale, and is a bargain basement bin version of the likes of Adobe Illustrator or Corel Painter. There's only really one tool - the pen tool (obviously), which you can use to create pretty pictures on screen.

You can choose one of five different pen widths and change between seven colors, although you can't mix your own from a palette like most graphics software lets you do. Once you've finished your creation you can save it onto your device to preserve forever. Unfortunately you can only save as a BMP file though.

MiTo Team Paint is essentially a very basic drawing tool with no added bells and whistles. It is free though, and is better for the environment than doodling on endless bits of paper.

MiTo Team Paint


MiTo Team Paint 1.3

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